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  • Hi ~ Welcome to Heilna Trade GmbH.

    Heilna Trade GmbH is a German trade company, and our main business include the German high quality global technical service of industrial products, main market is in Asia, especially China and Southeast Asia. Our idea is to bring the excellent products and ...

    • Iron

      steel metallurgy

    • Energy


    • Petrochemical 


    • Motor 


    • Airport machinery

    • Military aerospace

    • Urban construction & environmental protection

    • Auto-Control

    Products Guide
    All our goods are in Germany and European manufacturers quick contact and direct procurement, eliminating the middle of increasing costs
    Provide 100% genuine first-hand products.
    • Quality
      European Quality
      Heilna guarantees that 100% of the goods sold are imported with original packaging at the same price as European customers.
    • Transport
      Shipping Together
      Heilna supports small orders and large orders to be shipped together at low cost.
    • Service
      Technical Support
      Technical engineer product comprehensive explanation; 10 cities have offices, 24-hour on-site service.
    • FAX:0411-87317760
    • ADD:No.9, Haihang Road, Dalian Free Trade Zone, Liaoning Province
    • WEB:http://www.esyule.com/
    Copyright © 2013 Heilna Trade GmbH
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